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Hydro Excavation uses pressurized water and industrial strength vacuum to simultaneously remove soil. It carefully breaks down the soil and the vacuum moves it to a debris tank. Without the mechanical or manual methods, hydro excavations is able to remove the damage of any underground utilities. This method is safe, precise, and fast because there is less labor, backfill, and restoration needed. It is also better for the environment than more traditional types of excavation. Hydro excavation has multiple uses.

It can easily be used for potholing or daylighting, slot trenching, debris removal, exposing utilities, pilling hole excavation, cold weather digging, and remote digging. Since hydro excavation is the safest option for exposing utilities and can be done in cold weather this can be the best option for some companies here in Utah. It is one of the preferred methods of digging because of its efficiency and accuracy which lead to cost savings. Since hydro excavation is safer and the risk of repairs is lessened most insurance and liability costs are also lessened, helping the company maintain a good reputation and increase profits.