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Auger Boring

Auger boring is the most common and historic techniques in trenchless application to bore horizontally through soil or rock and has a very high success rate. Auger boring is typically used for installing utilities under highways, railroads, airport runways, or any area above the groundwater table as an inexpensive option. HDD Willco uses American Auger and Barbco equipment with steel casing ranging from 12” to 60”. The cutting head is inside a steel pipe and the spoil is moved back out of the pipe as it is thrust forward with the use of an auger drill. This method simultaneously jacks a casing forward while removing the spoil with an auger. Once the pipe is completed the drill is removed, the pipe cleaned out of any extra soil, and then the cables or utility piping are routed through and then the extra space is filled. The auger boring machine moves along a track which allows it to drive the casing pipe into the designated spot.

Precision Guided Boring/ Laser Guided Perfect Grade Boring

The laser guided boring method brings auger boring into the 21st century by using smaller diameter pipes with grade and alignment precision for installation. HDD Willco uses Akkerman guided boring machine system. The theodolites or lasers combined with the slant-face bit provide a tightly controlled line and grade accuracy in displaceable ground. It offers customers a more accurate and extended drive length in different soil conditions. It uses a three-part development to strategically locate launch and reception shafts to minimize surface disruption. Then a pilot tube is drilled at the exact grade and alignment as identified in the contract. Guided boring is very versatile and the applications are unlimited. Once the guided bore is completed, conventional auger boring techniques can be used to follow the alignment of the pilot, allowing for a more perfect accuracy.

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