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Directional Drilling Utah

Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling is a radical improvement to the underground utility industry, because instead of drilling vertically, we use horizontal drilling technology to better reach the targeted area as well as better preserving the environment. With multiple drills to choose from, ranging from 10,000 lbs. – 120,000 lbs. and pipe sizes varying from 2”- 36”, we will be able to use our experience and materials to complete any project, achieve your company’s goals, and get the job done right and promptly.
Directional Drilling and Tunneling Jobs Utah

Hand Tunneling

Tunneling is the excavation and installation of tunnel supports at the tunnel face by underground workers. It’s effective in soils above and below the water table and can deal with cobbles, boulders, and hard rock, quicker and more efficiently than other types of excavation. Choose this when there are unknowns, such as buried utilities or difficult soil conditions, and you want a low risk option.
Auger Boring

Pipe Ramming

Pipe Ramming is useful for pipe and casing installations under railways and roads in shallow depths, flowing sands, gravel or other areas where other methods may cause surface settling or heaving. Containing the spoil in the casing minimizes the potential for surface settlement. This process uses pneumatic percussive blows to drive the pipe through the ground. The leading edge of the pipe is open and allows for less friction against the soil with a cutting shoe and lubrication, this directs the spoil into the pipe. The spoil is then removed by auger, compressed air or water jetting depending on the size of the casing.


Underground Tunneling Services

Pipe Jacking

Pipe Jacking is a specialist tunneling method for installing underground pipelines with minimal surface disruption. Powerful hydraulic jacks are used to push the pipes through the ground behind a shield, all while the spoil is being excavated by workers inside the pipe, auger, or slurry. Pipe jacking can be done above or below the water table. Pipe jacking requires thrust and reception pits for the hydraulic ram to brace against as they force the pipe through a bore.

Cable Plowing

Plowing is another form of a trenchless conduit installation technique offering a minimal impact installation method. This technique is often used in open areas in which a great distance of pipe or cable needs to be placed. Small groups of workmen can complete a great distance of plowing in minimal time leading to a cost effective option.
Hydro Excavation Utah

Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation uses pressurized water and industrial strength vacuum to simultaneously remove soil. This method is safe, precise, and fast because there is less labor, backfill, and restoration needed. It is also better for the environment than more traditional types of excavation. Hydro excavation has multiple uses. It can easily be used for potholing or daylighting, slot trenching, debris removal, exposing utilities, pilling hole excavation, cold weather digging, and remote digging.
Auger Boring

Auger Boring

Auger boring is the most common and historic techniques in trenchless application to bore horizontally through soil or rock and has a very high success rate. Auger boring is typically used for installing utilities under highways, railroads, airport runways, or any area above the groundwater table as an inexpensive option